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Repairing Martin Guitar Heel Break

I started trying to remove the popsicle brace, thinking it would be easier than the bridge plate since it was (seemingly) easier to get at.  Hah.  Stoopid me.

When I took the bridge plate off the Epiphone, I used a damp sponge to dampen the plate and I thought it softened the glue.  Maybe it didn't.  Anyway, this time, I again used a sponge to dampen the popsicle brace.  Then I used my bridge pad plate to heat up the brace.  So far, so good.

The problem was that I apparently over-dampened the brace.  When I tried to pry the brace up, I instead wound up taking dampened hunks of brace off.  So I got a bit fed up and decided to move onto something else.

I think what I'll try is heating the brace and the knife both when I take another stab (ha) at the brace and the bridge pad.

In the meantime, I glued this hunk of the neck heel back onto the neck.

I'm not sure when this damage happened - I suspect it was during the guitar's transit to me.  When I took the guitar out of the box, the neck was attached to the body - not glued.  And when I lifted the whole thing off, the neck fell off.  So either it was already damaged, it got damaged in shipping, or I accidentally broke it while unpacking.  I suspect it happened in shipping.

In any event, does not matter when/how it happened.  I just need to fix it.

Fortunately, it's a very clean break, and it will go back together perfectly with little seam showing, and I'll just fill any seam that's visible.

I'm planning to use hide glue for as many repairs as I can on this guitar.  It was straightforward to heat up some of my new batch of glue, spread it on the heel, and put it back together.

Now back to the pad removal.

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