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Brace Re-glue on Martin Acoustic Guitar

Now, now calm yourself.  This won't hurt a bit.

I'm going to inject some glue under the top brace where it's raised up.  I'm using regular Titebond to do this.  I don't think I'll have enough time to inject the glue and get the clamp into place if I use hide glue - it would start to gel before it was clamped up.

The Titebond's pretty thick and can be hard to pass though a small needle.  The Titebond people say you can thin it up to 5% with water.  I put a couple drops in, and I also warmed it up by holding the glue container under hot water.  It seems more viscous now.

 I have three sizes of needles for this hypodermic - .7mm, .9mm, and 1.2mm.  I'm using the 1.2 here.

Stick the hypo under the brace and squeeze away.

This is a shot via the mirror inside the guitar.  Crazy.

The glue started coming out the other side of the brace, so I knew I had enough in the joint.  It also started dripping down onto the mirror.

Cleaned up the excess glue as much as I could, then clamped the brace with a brace jack - basically a turnbuckle with cauls on the ends.  It's a pain to get right at first, but I discovered the technique- get it in place, then turn the turnbuckle itself to open it up.

The brace is tight against the soundboard now.

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