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Fret Removal on the Martin Guitar Fingerboard

You may recall there is a crack in the fingerboard.  I need to fix it.

I had the neck in the bathroom on top of a cabinet for a couple of months in the hope it would get humidified and the crack would close up.  It didn't.  I think after a certain period of time, the wood has pretty much settled in terms of moisture content.  Or not.

Anyway, I need to remove the frets so I can repair the crack.  So out comes my trusty Weller 8200 soldering gun.  I use it for bigger soldering jobs such as grounds to pots or chassis, and it's also great for quick heating frets.

Don't try it on circuit boards.  Just saying.

Heat for a few seconds and then pop the frets out with a fret puller.  Most all of them came out very easily.

Couple of things.  At first, I wasn't going to remove all of the frets.  Then I figured I'd have to sand the whole board anyway, so I took them all out.

Which brings me to point two.  I could just refret the thing, but I'm going to reinstall the old frets.  They're in good shape and with a level and crown they should be good to go.  One's missing, but I have some matching fret wire for that one.

So I marked the frets on the bass side so I could reorient them the same way.

And I stuck them in a Temporary Fret Holder™ so I wouldn't mix them up.

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