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Repairing Bent Guitar Tuner Shaft

Another small 'issue' that's been hanging over my head is this bent tuner.  It's the high (octave) G string.

Now that I know the guitar had a fall and partial headstock break, I'd guess that this tuner was part of the collateral damage.  It works fine, but it doesn't look good.

So I clamp it up in the vise and prepare to whap it into shape.

I studied it for a while and figured out what I think will be the best angle to hit it from.  Basically, I'm trying to hit in the reverse angle from how it took the original hit.

And we have the handy rubber mallet for the job.  If it doesn't work, I can use the mallet on my head.

After some gentle taps, I get it back to a reasonable semblance of verticality.  Or as close to straight as I can manage.

Dig these crazy tuners.   They're the original Grovers.  I love the finned covers.  Unfortunately, they weigh a ton.  I looked into replacing them with modern, lighter tuners, but I didn't find anything I really liked, aside from Waverly tuners.  And since they cost an arm and a leg, I've decided to keep the old Grovers.

For now.

Here they are all polished up and put back on the headstock.  Dag, there's a lot of those things!

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