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Nuts the Squirrel - Mardi Gras Party Animal!

Now, your may recall my recent post about Nuts the squirrel.  I believe I said Nuts is everywhere. 

Just to show that Nuts is, truly, everywhere, I direct your attention to these pictures.

An observant reader of this blog, and a fan of Nuts, snagged these shots of Nuts in his pre-Mardi Gras preparations in New Orleans last week. 

You can see that Nuts has already gathered up lots of beads for the big celebration!  Some for him, and some for his family and relatives.

And you thought it was only humans who take place in Mardi Gras!  You should never underestimate the brain power (or party spirit) of Nuts!

Here are a couple of closeups:

Munching on a nut and giving the "Squirrel Power" salute....SOLID!

Nuts...also known as Rex, the King of the Carnival!


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