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The Sacred Center

This is Builder, the beaver. He's been bugging me about getting on the blog, so here he is.

Builder started out helping me with a sun room renovation (watch this space for more) and quickly wound up working on a multitude of projects including this blog. According to one good web page I found, Native Americans refer to beavers as the "sacred center" of the land because they create rich habitats for other mammals, fish, turtles, frogs, birds and ducks.

The same site also says that their "ability to change the landscape is second only to humans." I don't know if that's good or bad.

This is pretty much the case for Builder. In fact, he might be a little too smart for his own good. Since he started hanging around the computer and TV, he's become a font of political knowledge and unbridled opinion.

A few months back he started asking about Adrian Fenty, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., and Michelle Rhee the Chancellor of the Dee Cee public schools. Builder seems to think they're having a 'thing,' as he puts it. He kept seeing pictures of them together, put one and one together and got seven. I tried to tell him it wasn't true, but he keeps insisting. I asked him where he got the idea they were an item and he said "the Internet, dude. Somebody's blog. It's more lively than yours, too!"

Builder pretty much surfs all day long on political blog sites. Nothing like coming home and having a beaver give you the latest news headlines, and his unique take on them. But I have to say, he's one of the who actually read the "Stimulus Package" recently signed into law. Or, as Builder just corrected me, the $787.2 billion economic recovery package signed into law as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). See what I mean about being too smart for his own good? Did YOU know it was called the ARRA?

He heard on some news program there was a lot of money being handed out for animal programs, so he decided to see what beavers were getting. He hasn't found any spending for beaver programs yet in ARRA, and he's not happy about it. Don't be surprised when he shows up on Larry King discussing why beavers should get Federal funding for their building programs.

If you thought I was kidding about Builder on the web, think again. Here he's working on edits to This Here Very Blog. He figured out what the warranty card was! Lately he's been reading up on nitrocelluose lacquer and asking when we can go outside and start painting some radio cabinets. Stay tuned for that!


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