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Everybody's Heard About The Bird

Where to start, where to start.

I got this neat little hummingbird from a colleague who retired after 35 years. In this day and age, it's rare that someone stays in one organization for 3.5 years, let alone 35. Pretty amazing.


She was/is a good person and a hoot. And I'm not just saying that because she gave me The Bird (rofl), or she gave me some tubes her dad had stashed away as well as a cool radio repair book from 1942.

Whatcha do with The Bird is you give him a little thwack when he's at the top of the pole and he gyrates back and forth in a feeding frenzy motion until he reaches the bottom. The Bird even swings around the pole on the way down. Way cool and clever. Perfect for young children and bored office workers. And not a bad little carving either.

I just now took these pictures because my buddy and fellow coworker is a wiz at making little toys like this for his kids. He didn't build this one but he's cooking up a clone and wanted some shots of there you have it.

Now, I have to add this story. We used to work with someone who was...shall we say, a bit frenzied. As in mile-a-minute, blurt it out incoherent frenzied. He quickly acquired a nickname (one of those you and your officemates keep private...) which was: Hummingbird, or Bird for short. So when my colleague showed us her toy Bird, it was a real moment of hilarity. Hilarity, I say!

And that is the story of The Bird. Both of em.


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