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Chicken in the Yard

On Sunday I was outside, doing some painting on the long-neglected Red Pepper Fuzz while the weather was semi-cooperative.

Out of the corner of my eye I see some motion.  We have a couple of neighborhood cats that meander around so I figured it was one of them.  Then I looked up.

It was one of my neighbor's hens out for a stroll!

She used to have four of them, but now she has 2 "after the fox and the racoons came through."  She described them as "defenseless and stupid."  No wonder they let people eat them.

As I am someone who doesn't see shikkens up close very much, it was a cool experience.

She's not real afraid of people, in fact, I made some shikken noises and she came right over.

Then I grabbed her and returned her to the pen where she was reunited with her sister.


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