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Gluing Broken Guitar Fingerboard Extension

There's been a lag in the action in the Dungeon.

There was a mini-flood caused by the washing machine.  The less said the better.

But it's dried up now and I can get back to the F50.

You may be surprised to read that the fingerboard extension came unglued again.  So I glued it up again, this time with some black epoxy.  This stuff is really strong, and I hope it will hold.

I also rigged it up in a clamp to put as much pressure on the joint as possible while the epoxy sets.  Here you see it.  Basically, I used two small clamps to hold it, some rubber bands to put downward pressure on it, and a couple of cauls to hold the joint square.

Looks funny, but it's working.  So far.

Actually there is some big news.  Well maybe medium-sized news.

I'm working on an amplifier project with the craftsman known as Toy Making Dad.  He's actually the lead, and I'm the subcontractor.  My part is to build a small solid-state guitar amp.  (I know).

Anyways, I just procured an assortment of small speakers from my secret source in Wyoming.  I got them this week.  I haven't even taken them out of the packaging yet.

And finally (actually this is big news), motor racing is back!  How about that Kimi Raikkonen?  Hopefully this will be another season in which we have actual racing.


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