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Missle Silos and Stuff in the Southwest Desert

I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a few days recently.  I went for the MLB All-Star Game.  As it transpires, Yr Fthfl Blggr (that would be me) has family in the area, so I visited them as well.

Usually on commercial flights, I take an aisle seat.  More space, and an easier access to the lavatory, not to mention the exits in case of a disaster involving a hasty escape.

However, this time I took a window seat in the vague hope that I might get some interesting photos and report them here.

I got a few.  The one above is a bit strange.  I think they are missile silos from the late 1950s to early 1960s time frame.  Apparently we had a lot of silos which were active during the height of the Cold War.  From what I've discovered, they were centered in Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas.  It's possible that I was flying over one of those states on this trip, and this may be them.  Or not.  What I need is someone to confirm this. 

The silos, by the way, are now defunct.  You can actually purchase one!

A little while after the silo-spotting, the pilot announced we were over Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I like New Mexico, so I snagged this bad picture. 

You can see the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the right.

From New Mexico, it's a relatively short time until Phoenix.  This park-like thing is to the northeast of the city itself.  Not sure what it is, but you can see some turquoise-colored objects there, so I'm guessing it's native-related (Navajo?).  Need to investigate more.

This is a goofy pixture I took on one of the highways.  Pseudo-art.  But wait!  I have actual art coming soon!


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