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The Amazing Papier-mâché Dachshund

While I was visiting in Phoenix, I (again) saw the amazing papier-mâché dachshund my sister created. This objet d'art has fascinated me for years. 

The background: when we were growing up, we had a dachshund named Max.  He was our first dog, and he was/is legendary in the family.  I'm sure he was the inspiration for this wonderful papier-mâché piece, which my sister did when she was in the first grade!  The details and interpretation are remarkable I think.

Max was a black standard dachshund, but as great Impressionists do, she changed his color.  I think the colors represent the different facets of his personality. 

The details are remarkable.  The use of pipe cleaners for the whiskers is very clever. 

The most brilliant touch is probably the paperclip collar. 

Much like the famous Venus de Milo, our piece too has suffered the ravages of poor handling sometime in its past.  The piece originally had a full-length tail, but it is now missing.


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  • lilia said...
    February 5, 2012 at 12:36 PM
    Ciao,è bellissimo !!!

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