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White Pepper Fuzz - Finished!

I finally had a mini-brainstorm on renaming the Sili-Face II fuzz.  Had to keep with my Crawfish Instruments naming conventions - or is that theme?

At any rate, it's finished.  It's the White Pepper Fuzz!

One knob, lots of fuzz.  The 'white' theme took over - white box, white knob and...white LED!

I had lots of fun doing the graphic as you can probably guess.

Another beauty shot.

  1. This is the first in a series of Crawfish Instruments Art Series® effects pedals!  It's art, innit?
 And less arty is the inside.  The shadows make it look like there's more wiring than there is.

Now, back to the phaser!  And I have another kooky build planned as well.  Not to mention...I have acquired as stash of germanium transistors!


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    • Sven Nyström said...
      August 10, 2011 at 5:01 AM
      That looks very neat. I like the white led! Since my MXR micro amp got stolen at a gig a hundred years ago I haven't found a pedal that I like for my Rickenbacker bass. Have you tried this fuzz with a bass guitar?

      I you don't like the idea of selling one, just tell me it doesn't work...

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