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Basement Door Renovation, Pt 5, nearing the end

I finally got the wood trim trimmed so I can put the aluminum frame on and have the door actually clear the frame and close properly.

Putting the frames (jambs?  I don't know what to call them) on is dead easy.  Drill a pilot hole, then put the screws in.  I drove the screws with my B&D power screwdriver.  It has this yellow LED on it - you can see it in the picture.  I bet I could change it and put a different color in there....hmmmm.  Not that I need another project.  I have so many I can't count them all.

Here's the door actually closed!  Because of the small size of the stairwell, it's hard to get a straight-on pixture of the whole door.

And the top 'drip cap.'  I wonder how long it will stay this clean?  There was a gap between the cast iron beam across the top of the opening and the brick which I caulked.  Now no crawling critters can get in there.

When I first started assessing this door project and I was looking at the frame, I saw a basement centipede crawl into one of the cracks between the wood frame and the brick.  No more.


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