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Kala Marcy Marxer Model Ukulele - setup

The door project is still lingering, but on a hiatus due to out of town guests.  Same for the fuzz pedal project(s). 

But I still have stuff to write about.  I had actually taken pixtures of this a while back (like 8 months back...) and I rediscovered them.

This is my Kala Marcy Marxer model ukulele.  Marcy is an amazing moo-sich-in, and I've been fortunate to take uku and geetar lessons from her.

There are a whole slew of Marcy model instruments out there (Martin guitar, a banjo, etc.), and now there's a signature model uku.  I like mine a lot, but like most off-the-rack instruments, its playability can be improved with a good setup.

But first, a brief tour.

Here's the label.  The very earliest models didn't have the picture inside.  I could have snagged one of those, but I held out for the picture label.

Dig the snowflake fretboard inlays - similar to pre-war Martin guitars...and just like the ones on the Marcy signature Martin.

One of the things I really like about this ukulele is the fact that it has a factory pickup, preamp and tuner built in.  The pickup is an under-saddle piezo (quack).  The tuner is a nice feature.

The mid-priced Kalas offer a lot for the money.  This one has Grover tuners.

The top is solid spruce, and the sides are solid as well.


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