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Basement Door Restoration Renovation, Pt. 4

I had to get an action shot of the caulking.

Maybe it's my super deluxe caulking gun, but this turned out really well. Usually I make a mess, but I was able to lay nice clean beads of caulk.

Next step is to lay the door flat and attach the hinge. There is a pilot screw in the door that you remove and use to line up the whole hinge. Then you drill all the holes and put screws in.

I hung another door four or five years ago and it wasn't this easy - actually had to measure and cut more to fit the opening. This one has been very straightforward so far.

The door with the hinge mounted.

Then you take the door and hang it up on the pilot screw. After that, I held the bottom of the hinge against the doorjamb and drilled a pilot hole for a bottom hole.

This is the door after drilling all the pilot holes and driving all the screws in. It's actually hanging and I can open it.

But naturally, all is not well. The latch side of the door is not perfectly square, and the door hits up againts the jamb at the bottom. Doh!

I'm not too surprised. The old wood door seemed to be hacked up on the side and top to make it fit.

I just need to trim some of the door trim off the bottom and the top of the frame. I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not checking this earlier. I had checked to ensure the top of the frame was square, but I didn't test fit the door.

The only real issue is that I'll have to repaint part of the trim after I cut the frame.

If you look carefully, you'll see where I took a slice off the trim.  I wound up using a chisel to shave more off until there was proper clearance.


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