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"Give Us Your Chocolate and the Bunny Won't Get Hurt"

We had a situation in the house on Easter morning that was peacefully resolved.

Some of our animals took over the Easter candy and held it hostage. Ms. Yr Fthfl Blggr bought some small Easter Reese's peanut butter cups, which, we discovered, the animals like. So...they confiscated them and held our two Lindt bunnies hostage until we let them have the peanut butter cups.

We were able to negotiate with them and give them each a peanut butter cup and a Cadbury Mini-Egg in exchange for the bunnies. Everyone is happy now.

After eating the peanut butter cups and the eggs, the animals spent the afternoon bouncing around on the sofa, acting out scenes and songs from West Side Story. They were on a serious sugar high. They all had major hangovers on Monday.

Usually the squirrels are led by Nuts in this sort of thing, but my guess is Builder and his cohort Slacker. led the brigade this time. He's been watching "24" and asking a lot about hostage situations.

Usually the animals are a pretty tame bunch...but chocolate makes them crazy.


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