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Rocky the Raccoon - Caught on Film

I've seen signs of Rocky in the yard, and I'm always on the lookout for him so I can take his picture.

He's gotten into the trash once or twice, so now I keep a couple of bungee cords over the trash can so he can't get into it.  Actually, he DID get into it with the older, stretched bungee cords that were on it.   I'm not sure how he got out of the trash can, since the lid was still bungeed down fairly tightly, but he did it.  I should note that now there are new bungees he can't budge.

And the neighbors don't put anything over their trash cans, so usually Rocky comes by just before sundown to see what goodies they might have in their trash.  I've seen him there quite a few times.

I also was sitting outside grilling some shikken one time and Rocky (aka the Rockster) just came waddling up the walk to check it out.  He just stared at me until I got up to see him, then he took off.

Anyway, I'm still trying to get a nice closeup of him, but this picture I got of him recently is the best I've done to date.  He was in the front yard scrounging around.  I was talking to him the whole time and he wasn't paying attention to me at all.  So here he is, the Rockster, captured on (digital) film.


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