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White-Tailed Deer in the Garden

In the past, I've mentioned the deer that wander through our neighborhood.  In fact, I posted about one in the winter.

I've seen them singly or in small herds in the yard, but I had never seen this before.

This white-tailed doe was just lying in the garden munching on some grass.

What a life.

The whole yard is like a big salad bar for her.

She just kept eating and looking around.

Check out those ears! When she heard a noise they'd twitch and change direction.

After a while, she got bored (or full) and wandered off into the neighbor's yard.

I saw some of her doo-doo when I cut the grass later.

Saw this same deer again this morning. She was in the backyard, saw me, and went around to the front. I got to within 20 feet of her, talking to her, then she took off.

Hey! You eat my vegetation, at least you could stay and chat!


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