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Pregnant Doe in the Garden

This is another digression post.  But I'll be back to geetars and stuff like that soon.

Had a bit of snow last week.  I opened the curtains and saw this critter in the garden!  This is a White-Tailed doe.

We have a lot of deer in our neighborhood.  Quite often you see whole deer herds in someone's yard eating the vegetation.  The whole neighborhood has lots of trees and gardens so I'm sure it seems like a giant salad bar to the deer.

But I digress.

This young lady is helping herself to what's left of an azalea plant.  I hadn't seen a deer in this specific spot before. 

I'm pretty sure this doe is pregnant.  You can see the bulge in her side.  Deer usually mate in late October and have a gestation period of 200 days, so she's probably close to giving birth.

Here's looking at you! 

Soon her fawns will also be eating the azaleas.


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