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Elli The SAAB Mechanic Cat

While I was working on the steering column bushing on the SAABmarine, I was visited by a grey cat who wanders our neck of the neighborhood.  She actually belongs to our neighbors, but I dubbed her Elli after the character in Norse mythology.

I looked up and saw her sitting there watching.

Then she started to come into the car and help.

Not only can she bring Thor to his knees, but she's a mechanic.  
I was doing something else on the car a few weeks ago and had the passenger door open.  She just jumped in.

She seems to find the SAABmarine's rubber trim fascinating.  Here she is rubbing on the lower side trim.

About a week after this picture, I was out putting new wiper blades on, and up from nowhere came Elli, leapt up on the hood and started rubbing the wiper blades!

Back to the day I was working on the steering column.

I call this "Cat on a Cold SAAB Hood." 


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