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Emergency Martin Ukulele Nut Repair

I was going to be travelling over the Christmas holiday and wanted to take my prewar Martin tenor ukulele with me. 

It had a couple of places where it fretted out, so I took it to the Dungeon to do some fret filing.  In the process, I think I broke part of the end of the nut off - see the picture.


I need to fix this and fix it fast.  (Well, I could take another ukulele, I suppose).

I clamped a hunk of scrap ebony into my new Stew-Mac nut and saddle file.  I told you I'd be using it a lot!

I cut a small hunk of ebony off the end.  While I was doing this I kept thinking how this was "emergency ukulele repair," which reminded me of a Toy Making Dad blog post

Then I improvised a clamp to hold the little piece of ebony in place on the end of the nut.

After the glue dried, I filed and sanded the new piece.  It's a hair too short, but it looks good, has the right shape, and the string won't pop out.

The string slots on these old Martins are usually too deep, but I can't bear the thought of filing the original nuts down.  So they stay as is.

All fixed and ready to go.


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