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Spruce Repair Patch for Acoustic Guitar Top

I want to level the spruce patches I put on so that I can start doing the carve on the neck heel for the reset.

Now that I have some good chisels, I'm getting brave with them.  I used one of them to shave off the bulk of the excess height of the patches.  Look at those shavings!

Then I sanded down the remaining height with some 120 and then 320 grit paper on a small sanding block.

I also sanded off the old glue that was remaining from under area that was covered by the fingerboard extension.

Here's the whole repair with the overhang trimmed to fit the dovetail opening.

You'll also see a small patch to the right of the bigger patches.  A small bit of spuce got torn out when the neck came off, so I made a new patch to fit it.

And yes, that little divot is the way the dovetail was carved.

That small piece will be visible when the neck is back on, so I need to finish it.  I hit it with the brown toner I made up - I'll probably layer brown and yellow until it matches the rest of the top.

It's starting to look a lot less ugly.  Whoo hoo.


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