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The Wonderful Papier-mâché Giraffe

"The Giraffe"
Papier-mâché over wood frame
My niece is an artist.  She created this papier-mâché piece, called "The Giraffe," a couple of years ago.  She's now in 7th grade, and is continuing her art studies.  She does a lot of sketch work in pencil and some in acrylic paint.  In fact, this is the only papier-mâché piece of hers I've seen.

This wonderful objet d'art is really nice.  I was recently able to photograph it in the rear garden of her home. 

The artist lives in the U.S. Southwest, and I think that accounts for the distinctive Mexican influence.  Very reminiscent of the Oaxacan wood sculptures.  It also follows in the vein of the amazing papier-mâché Dachshund created by the artist's mother which I wrote about last July.

Perhaps the most intriguing features are the gold and red stripes on the body and the neck of the figure.  In addition to the color contrast they provide, they are also textured - they appear to be a thick tempura paint.

Here's a closeup of the head.  Again we have some texture - this time from the papier-mâché itself.  This gives it the appearance and texture of skin or fur, even though its color is an unnatural purplish-blue.

The eyes are made up of small sized silver sparkles - a wonderful touch.   

Note the size of the head in contrast to the skinny neck - another nice abstract/impressionistic touch.

Detail of the neck.  Again we see the textured stripe.  Note all the purple, pink and yellow dots which create a contrast with the stripe.

One might consider it a pretty basic piece of art, but on close reflection you can see there is some serious artistic interpretation and influence going on in this piece.  I love this kind of art!


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