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Gluing the New Bridge on the Martin D-12-28 Guitar (Finally!)

Finally, after all the work removing and replacing the bridge pad, putting a spruce patch on the top, and making a bridge, it's time to finally glue on the new bridge.

It always strikes me as a bit unusual that on a major project such as this one, the final and most important part goes quickly compared to the steps proceeding it.

Anyway, we spread some hot hide glue on the area where the bridge will go on the top.

I also spread some glue on the bottom of the new bridge.

Then, after carefully lining up the bridge with the alignment marks, we clamp it into place.

Underneath I'm using a piece of maple, about the shape of the bridge pad, as a caul.

On the top, I have some pieces of cocobolo scraps as cauls.  The main caul in the center is actually the remains of the first bridge I made, which was just a tad too small.  It made a good practice scrap to test drilling on, and it makes a terrific caul.


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