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Finished Cocobolo Bridge for Martin D-12-28 Guitar

I wanted to get a nice, reasonably glossy finish on the cocobolo without using oil.  After some research on the interwebs, I found this.

On the left is "EEE Ultra Shine."  It's an abrasive wax that puts a finish on bare wood - it says 'For Turners and Restorers.'  And on the right is Shellawax.  Both are made in Australia.  I have seen some pictures on the interwebs of some nice pieces finished with these products, so it seems like it's worth a shot.

So here's the finished cocobolo bridge, string holes drilled and chamfered, and polished up with the Ultra Shine and Shella wax.  Looks good and really brought out the nice grain.

I didn't put anything on the bottom surface - that will be glued to the guitar top.

Another shot of the nice grain.

The bridge is not perfect, but it looks reasonably good.  I'd actually like another shot at making one, but I don't have any more blanks and I want to finish the guitar!


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