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Henckels Knife Broken in Fall

So there I was in the kitchen, about to use my trusty Henckels serrated knife to slice some Igglish muffins.  The knife was on the counter.

Then I accidentally knocked the knife onto the floor.  Klang!

When I went to pick it up, it was in two pieces as you see here!  Ay carumba!

I've dropped a lot of utensils in my life, but I've never seen one break.  The floor is not that hard!  I don't even know how it landed to cause it to break like that.  The end must have caught at a strange angle in the floor and the weight of the handle broke the blade.  But these things are tempered!

Geez.  Now I need a new knife.

But the upside is, I'm going to hone the broken edge to use as a wood scraper. 


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