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Strathmore Ukulele and Guitar Summit and Uke Fest 2012

I haven't done much on the Ovation and Gibby projects the last few days. That's because I was at the Strathmore Ukulele and Guitar Summit, followed by the Strathmore Ukulele Fest. This is the first year for the Summit. It's four days of lessons, jamming, and concerts, and it was fantastic.

This is also the fourth year for the Ukulele Fest.  This is a wonderful outdoor concert organized by the incredible Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.  Each year they bring fantastic musicians.  There's also a fun audience sing-along.

This shot give you an idea of the crowd.  In 2011 there were about 1200 in attendance, and I suspect this year was about the same number.  There were hundreds of folks with ukuleles!   (Or is that hundreds of ukuleles with folks?)

Here's the incomparable Bruce Hutton.  Bruce is an indefatiguable performer, historian, chronicler, and promoter of traditional American music.  And he's a super nice guy and a real hoot as well.

Bruce played ukulele on some tunes, but here he's playing his beautiful mid-1920s Gibson mandolin banjo.  This is one of the MB models; and it has the 'trap door' on the back.  It also has the wonderful 'The Gibson' inlayed on the headstock. 

If you look closely, you'll also see his kazoo (with a horn!) around his neck.

We were also privileged to hear the incredible Hula Honeys - Ginger Johnson (L) and Robyn Kneubuhl.

I was fortunate to take a couple of classes with Ginger - she taught two great chord theory classes.  She made it easy for even me to understand!

Robyn and Ginger are out-of-this-world singers and players.  

The fabulous, amazing, wonderful and terrific Marcy Marxer (L) and Cathy Fink doing what they do best - making great music.  They organized the whole Summit and Uke Fest and it was just spectacular.

They spotted me taking their picture and turned around to pose! 

The incredible Keola Beamer.  I was very fortunate to take a total of eight hours of group instruction in slack key guitar with Keola.

He is the world's foremost slack key guitarist.  His music is absolutely amazing.  And he's the most down-to-earth gentleman to boot.

Here Keola leads an ensemble of students in a couple of Hawai'ian tunes.  See if you can find me in the picture - I'm the guy with the ukulele.


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