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Back to the Red Pepper Fuzz Face Clone

During the Hickok project I kept having to move the Red Pepper fuzz circuit board out of the way, and every time I did I kept thinking that I didn't have much work left to do on it.

I did manage to get it painted and did the decal art for it over the last month or so.  And now I'm getting back to finishing it.  I started this back in September of last year and thought it would be a quick project.

Anyway, it's pretty much where I left it.  It works and just needs to be put into a box.

You may also recall I tested and sorted a whole bunch (well, 110 or so...) of germanium transistors as part of this project.  I picked two that are in the right gain ranges for the Red Pepper.

I'm encouraged after hearing this thing for a few minutes with my "1956" Strat and my little Vox workbench amp.  Lots of fuzz and sustain for days.

I set the bias on the collector of Q2 to about -4.5 volts.  Since I have a bias pot as part of the circuit, I can play with the bias a bit and see how the sound changes.  But for now, this is in the recommended range.

The pots, jacks and switch are mounted.  I only need to reconnect the LED and some other leads and mount the board more permanently and it will be done.


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