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Red Pepper Fuzz Face Clone Works!

Finally got a few minutes to look at the Red Pepper fuzz face clone.  It hadn't worked when I first fired it up, so I was going to troubleshoot it.

Didn't take long.  I have the transistor leads long (untrimmed) right now, and a couple of them were shorting.  Problem works!  My first DIY circuit board and it works!

How does it sound, you wonder?  It sounds insanely good.  I built a lot of tonal options into it, so it can go from slightly distorted to (surprise) very Hendrixy/violin like.  And it cleans up very nicely with the volume pot on the guitar.  I want to experiment with some different transistors with different gains, but I'm putting it into a box first.  The picture above is me starting to think about layout.  Four pots and one switch need to go on the box.  Hmmm.

After pondering for a while, I finally turned off the lights and headed upstairs.  Good thing I looked back at the bench - I left the LED lights on my Optivisor on.   I did this recently and they were on overnight.  Yikes.


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