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Panasonic RF-2200 Update

I had mentioned earlier that my RF-2200 is working but seemed to be lacking on the AM band.  No more.  I was playing with it last night and all of a sudden, it totally came alive like a fire-breathing dragon!  Seems that the bandswitches are still a little flaky, but I worked them some more and now it's crazy hot.  Wow.

I did a quick run up the AM band and was amazed.  I was hearing tons of stations - including WGN in Chicago (700 miles), which I've never heard before!  And the gyro antenna is great at peaking or nulling stations.  I'd say this thing is truly the beast it's reputed to be.

I also listened to a great program about Shostakovich on Voice of Russia on 7290 kc.  Mainly discussing his wartime 7th Symphony.  Great program - and the music sounded terrific - this radio has nice bass response.  I'm really liking it.


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