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Filling Headstock Veneer Chip - Take Two

You may recall that I said I had put about 20 (!) coats of stain on the KwikWood putty fill I did on the headstock chip.  After I hit the last coat, I put the ukulele aside for 3 days for the stain to dry before I would put some clear lacquer over the fill.

At the right you see what I came back to.  Does the fill look stained to you?  Nope, me neither.

So now I'm really discouraged.  But after pondering for a while, I come up with a solution.  I only wish I'd thought of it sooner.

Going to my handy box/tub of acrylic paint, I mix up some browns and get something vaguely close.

Close enough for me.  Once it's been lacquered over and polished, it should look pretty good.  I hope.

What have we learned during all this?
1.  Is that chip really worth filling?
2.  If you do fill it, that epoxy putty will not take stain no matter what the container says.
3.  Paint is our friend.

I now have a good selection of acrylic paint.  I look at this and see another crazy painted stomp box in the works!


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