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Small Stone Clone - Layout

I took all of the test leads I've been using to...test...the phaser off so I can try to come up with a way to fit it into a box.  The box I'm using is a Hammond 1590BB...I think I wrote the wrong number in the last post.  I can't keep the different model numbers straight.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that I'd need to do a 'horizontal' layout versus a 'vertical.'  The board itself is fairly large, and I need to mount that, two pots, a small DPDT switch, and a foot switch, plus jacks, into the box.

After some measuring and test-fitting, I think I have a layout that will work.  Good luck to me.

The White Pepper project weaned me off of making my layout templates right on the box.  So again I'm using a paper template taped to the box.

Now it's off the the drill press.

The drilling completed.  You can see what I meant about a 'horizontal' layout.  I'm also going to mount the input and output jacks and the 9v input jack on the right end of the box.


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