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Sili-Fuzz II - Circuit Board Completed!

I finished up the circuit board for the Sili-Fuzz II and tested it.  It works!

Well, I should say that it works now, after some troubleshooting.  I think I mentioned that this is my first build on a vero board.  The way the layout drawing was done confused me a bit, and I had the transistors in backward.  I got no output, so I just checked it against the schematic and found the goof.

This actually was a good exercise, because I'm starting to become more proficient reading schematics with transistors in them.  Repeat after me: base, collector, emitter.  Base, collector, emitter. 

The whole circuit fits on a small board - see its size compared to a 9 volt battery.  And there's only one pot for volume - so it could fit into a small box.

I played it for just a few minutes, and it sounds pretty good.  I was using my little Vox DA-5 with the gain set pretty low, so there was not a lot of headroom on the amp.  As a result, the signal really squashed and fuzzed out at the highest settings.  I'm going to try it with a tube amp - I suspect it will be a lot better.

And I found a couple of mods on the interweb I want to try also.


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