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Musings on a Craftsman screwdriver

I recently lost, or misplaced my trusty Craftsman 3 inch Phillips No. 1 screwdriver. Since I haven't yet found it, I decided to swing by the local Sears to get a replacement. And that got me musing.

I've had that old screwdriver for about 25 years. I bought it with a basic set of screwdrivers, and I've used them for countless jobs. I'm a little attached to them, since they're served me so well.  I was pleased to find that the exact same style of screwdriver is still available, so I still have a matching set.

And, get this: my new one only cost $3.99!  Or, in some other selected currencies, that is: £ 2.48, € 2.84, SEK 25.42.  Inexpensive in anyone's money!

And I could have purchased a set of 5 Phillips-head screwdrivers on sale for $8.99!

For this relative pittance, we get a classic US-made screwdriver that will outlast its owner (unless lost...). 

The quality of the Craftsman name is still unparalled for quality and value in hand tools.  Some of the other Craftsman offerings in power tools, etc., can be more dodgy, but their hand tools are still remarkable.  They clobber the Despot's "Husky" brand hands down.  Of course there are others that are more specialized and are superior quality (Snap-On, for example), but Craftsman rules the bang-for-the-buck world.

One of the very best features of Craftsman hand tools is that they have a lifetime warranty.  Take your broken tool to any Sears, and get a new one, no questions asked.  If I were to take Destructo to Sears, I could get a replacement.  (Not that I would, since Destructo is, well, Destructo).

While I was there, I eyed up their newer, fancier line of screwdrivers.  Those have nicer, shaped rubber handles that are more comfortable.  They cost a couple of bucks (quid, crowns) more.  I pondered them, but figured I might wait a bit and get a full set of those at some point ($26.99 regular price - wait for a sale).

It had been a while since I bought any Craftsman tools, but I made a mental note to myself to shop there instead of the Despot the next time I need hand tools.  I'm still amazed I got a fine tool made here for such a good deal.  Guess I forgot, since all of my Craftsman stuff keeps on going and going.


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