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Tweed Pro Bandmaster Super Clone: Installing the speaker

Here's the completed chassis on the workbench.  This picture gives an idea of the size of the transformers.

Now ve chust poot into zee cabinet and make loud sound!

And speaking (ha!) of loud sound, here's our Loud Sound Maker.  This is a Weber Classis series alnico speaker.  It's a 12 inch clone of the classic Jensens that were used in American tube amps in the 50s and 60s. 

I may have nentioned earlier that Fender never offered a 2 6L6 amp with a single 12" speaker.  There were models with 2, 3, or 4 10 inch speakers, a model with 2 12 inch speakers, and one with a single 15, but never a single 12.  So I am creating a new model!

The  Weber tag.  The 12 is for the size, and the "125" is the inch decimal size of the voice coil - in this case 1.25 inches.

I've had this since October of last year waiting to be installed.

The business end of the speaker.  This is a 'ribbed' coil - it will have cone breakup (distortion) at higher volume levels and tend to sound brighter than a smooth (unribbed) cone.  Weber sells all the variations - just get what you want.

For this amp, cleaner is better.  It will be used for jazz mainly.

Here's what I use to bolt the speaker into the cabinet:  an 11/32 box end wrench.


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