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Chassis Wiring is Complete on the 5F4, 5E5, 5E7 Tweed Clone!

All the wiring is finished.  I just double-checked everything against the layout diagram and it's ready to go!

I still have a couple of bits to tidy up after the amp is up and running.  I left the brown and blue leads from the output transformer primary intentionally long for now.  If they're reversed, the amp will oscillate (squeal).  I'm fairly confident they're correct, but if not, I have plenty of lead to work with.  The green arrow in the picture to the right shows the extra lead length.

I also left the leads to the 100pf bright cap long too.  In my experience, 100 picofarads is real bright - I tend to like more like 47 or 68.  If it's too bright, I'll change the cap to a lower value.  Rather than snip the leads short, I figure I can reuse the cap in another project as needed.

There are also some flying leads off the chassis I want to dress/tidy up after it's working as well.

Beauty shot of the backside (hee hee) of the amp.  Those transformers are works of art.

Yummy yummy.  These things are amazing.

There are bits of snipped component leads and wire that fell in the chassis, so I used some compressed air and my trusty Eureka Mighty Mite to clean it up.

Next up:  put the speaker in the cabinet, put the chassis in the cabinet, hook 'em up and bring it to life!


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