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Front Panel Installation on the Tweed Amp Clone

I decided to relocate the fuse from its usual tweed amp location on the front panel to inside the amp.  I used a Littlefuse block and bolted it right near the power transformer's location.

It will become a little clearer as the build goes on as to why I did this, but the short version is: I wasn't going to put a ground switch on, and I figured I could put a label on that side of the panel.  I could use the room taken up by the fuse holder as well.  It's a bit less convenient, but let's face it: if the amp is blowing fuses, there's a problem that needs to be addressed.  You're going to wind up opening up the amp anyway.

I think I alluded to a 'solution' to the challenge of insulating the input jacks.  Here it is.  I had a front panel made up of engravable plastic.  It comes with a protective sheet on it, and I want to keep it on so I don't destroy it.

Since the panel is plastic, the outside nuts won't touch the chassis and ground them.  Problem solved.

I'll give more information blather on the panel when it's unveiled, but I think it's a good change from the standard chrome on tweed amps.   The chassis I have was actually just plain steel, not chrome, and it was picking up scratches if I looked at it wrong.  I was disappointed with the supplier, to be honest. 

The panel can be attached with double-sided tape.  I went to my local semi-independent hardware store (not the Despot) and found this heavy duty 3M tape.

You just attach the tape, then peel off the backing and then stick it on whatever you're sticking it on.

Before I removed the backing, I cut out the holes for the pots and switches.  This will help when I line it up to mount it.

After I attached the panel to the chassis, I carefully pulled back a bit of the paper covering around each hole so there will be some room for the nuts on the pots and switches.  I'll pull off the whole sheet when everything is wired up.


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