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Stuffing the Circuit Board on the Tweed Bandmaster Clone

I've made a bit more progress on the circuit board.  Most all of the resistors are in place as well as the filter caps.  I now need to put the other capacitors on and the 'flying' leads that go off to other components.  Hopefully I'll do that over the New Year's weekend.  This whole project has been like 15 minutes here, an hour there so far.

I took this picture to show how I like to mount power resistors.  Since they get warm, it's a good idea to leave some air space around them.  I've worked on some early 70s Fender amps where the resistors sort of melted the surface of the boards, which is probably not a good thing. 

Dig those perfect lead bends!  How did I get along without a lead bender?


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