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Resistor Color Code Reader and Lead Bender - Handy Tools to Have

Like many people who work on electronic equipment a fair amount, I've accumulated some tools that come in handy.  I used a couple of them while working on the Super Bandmaster Pro tweed amp.

The first is a Resistor/Capacitor color code reader.  Got this at Radio Shack back when RS actually sold useful electronic stuff.  For those of us who don't have the colors memorized, it's a great thing to have.  Spin the little wheels and you get the values and multipliers.  The resistor here is a 56K. 

It also works for old capacitors that use color codes - quite a few modern ones use number codes (e.g. "473") so you're out of luck there.  (Another code to descramble).

The other tool I just got recently, but wanted for some time, is a resistor lead bender.  I have two of them - one for 1/4 and 1/2 watt resistors, and one for 1 and 2 watt.  Put your resistor in the appropriate slot, and bend the leads...

And you get a nice tidy bent lead which drops into your board perfectly.

These are real inexpensive - I bought mine at Mouser.


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