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Our Beech Plywood Turns Into Speaker Boxes!

Now we can take the dowel pins and put them into the holes and do a test fit.

This is the moment where I'm a little apprehensive.  I've been careful to line everything up, but I'm dreading having made a goof.

I put the dowels into one of the sides...

...and then put the top, bottom, front and back on.

It all goes together!

I put the top on and it too works!

I didn't hammer it all down, because now I need to get it all apart and glue it together.

I spread glue around the edges of the side and into the holes.

You can see how the dowels are fluted so glue can go around them.

After I put the glue on, I put the dowels in the holes, put some glue on top of the dowels, and then put the other panels on.  Now I can drive them home with the mallet.

It all goes together - then I put the "top" (actually the other side) onto the whole thing.

With it all doweled, glued and hammered into place, I can clamp it up.

I used bar clamps to clamp it all together.  I used cauls (just shim strips) between the box and the clamps so the wood doesn't get dented.

Some glue naturally oozes out of the joints - I just go around and clean up the excess with a damp painter's rag.  

I let the glue dry overnight, then removed the clamps.

Holy smokes!  They're actually starting to look like speakers!

The joints are very solid and the boxes are surprisingly heavy - since I used 3/4 inch ply they're really solid.

There are just a couple of places where the joins are off a tiny bit...but this is proof of concept and not perfection (on this build anyway).

I'm starting to wonder what they're going to sound like!


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