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So the Surfcaster is now finished and is out surfin' the snow. I realize I left a bunch o' steps out but trust me, I'll get more detail in the next builds.

To summarize, here's what we got: MIM Surf Green 50s Strat body, about 4.3 lbs. Shielded with copper tape by Yr Fthfl Gtr Bldr. Parchment knobs, vintage-style 8-hole pickguard and pickup covers from Callaham Guitars. Callaham hardware including Callaham tremolo and block. Lindy Fralin 'Vintage Hot' pickups. Angela paper-in-oil .047 uF tone capacitor. Wiring is master volume, master tone, and blend control. Basically you can dial in the amount of bridge pup you want when switched on the neck pup, or vice-versa.

Neck is a one-piece USACG flame maple, medium V, about .840" at the first fret, 6230 (vintage) fret wire, 7.25 radius, paua inlays. Also used Gotoh staggered tuners.

Did I miss anything?

Hows it sound? Killer. The pickups are SO much better than my MIM 50s Strat there is no comparison. The hum is not totally gone, but is substantially reduced. The neck is ridiculously fast, but I'm still getting used to the feel - it feels like bare wood. Real different.

Hokay, comrades, vhut ve do now? Ve practice! And ve look for next project, yes?


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