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Dr. Frankenstein, what are those bodies for?

Yes, kids, we will have more geetars on the way. Here ees preview, yes, comrades? Bwhahahhahaha.

Here's the lowdown. Talked to Tommy at USACG planning to order two "web specials" off their site. I call within minutes of them opening one Friday morning right after the bodies are posted on their site and they are gone. Boo hoo.


Tommy (who everybody on TDPRI raves about btw) says "let me see what else I have."

Long story short, Yr Fthfl Blggr got 2 (count em!) Telecaster bodies at a great price. I want to paint em with nitrocellulose lacquer; it's the dead of winter right now (dead, winter, bodies....bwhahaha) so they'll have to wait for the Spring-Pre-Humidity-Window-of-Opportunity.


That DOES NOT preclude us from lookin' at 'em in all their nekkid unfinished glory!

Vhut choo got dere, choo say to me?

One of them is a fairly lightweight (I'd guess about 4 lbs or a shade less) standard 2-piece T-body. Swamp ash and crazy straight grain. The grain deserves to be seen, so it will be a translucent color - most likely Butterscotch blond. I'm thinking Esquire - I just was thumbing through the Blackguard Book and I have a hankering for a '52 Esquire....mebbe a '50. But since I don't have $25K+ lying around (and I would have some serious splainin' to do to Ms. Yr Fthfl Blggr if I did have it and bought me a real one), I zink I build me my own.

Not to mention I wanna try out wonna Don Mare's new '3-speed Stingray' pickup. And wonna dem dere Glendale bridges too. Yee hah. Can you say "twang?"! I knew you could.

And for the other: it's a '69 Thinline body. I think the main body wood is ash, might be alder, but the top looks killer - it's 1/4 inch quilted maple. Not to mention the sides are hollow...and get this: 2 pounds 14 ounces! Super lightweight. This one must be a great translucent color...I am still pondering. Have no idea about pups for this one yet.

So...zey will be back!


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