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Cleaning Rust from Tools and Applying Boeshield T-9

Some of my tools have acquired a light patina of rust and corrosion over the years. As an example, here are my Stew-Mac nut and saddle vise and my little blue yard sale ($1!) vise. I've been meaning to get around to cleaning them up for some time.

I finally did just that. They weren't too bad to start with, but the results are noticeable.

I cleaned them up with the help of some Rust Free rust (duh) and stain remover. I also got some 'Sandflex' abrasive blocks. Made in Deutschland, ja!

The Rust Free spray has some sort of acid in it. It smells pretty potent, so I wound up using a respirator while I sprayed it.

Spray on the Rust Free, use the blocks (there are coarse, medium and fine) and whoosh!

The cleaned side is on the left. It makes the rusted side look bad, huh?

Now that it's clean, I sprayed it with Boeshield T-9. Developed by the Boeing Corporation. It helps prevent rust.

Here's the other vise all cleaned up.

Now to work on the drill press. I've had this for maybe 8 or 9 years. You can see some definite rust on the table and also on the slots in the table.

All cleaned up. Looks like new!

Looks so good I don't want to use it.

I also did the post and all the other metal surfaces.

This is fun! Now I'll pay attention and see how long they stay this way. The T-9 is supposed to be good for a few months. I don't use the press a whole lot, and it's dry in The Dungeon. I bet this clean surface lasts a while.


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