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Repainting MXL 990 Microphone Body

I'm going to rebuild an MXL 990 condenser microphone with a new capsule and board from Microphone Parts. They sell parts to vastly improve inexpensive condensers, and I'm taking the plunge.

I stripped the sickly stock greenish champagne color off with Citri Strip. Then I sanded it with 220 and then 300 grit paper.

Then wiped it down with naptha before hitting it with primer.

I had a recent warmish day - about 50° F (about 10° C) - just warm enough to paint outside.

I warm my rattle cans in a bucket with warm (not too hot) water to help the paint flow better.

You can still see snow on the ground from the last snowfall.   Also see the spray bracket for the body made out of a clothes hanger.  I masked off the internal threads that mount the body to the base.

I tried to show the spray in mid-air...but it's hard to hold camera in one hand and the spray can in the other!

Here I'm painting the body with black primer. I shot one light pass, then brought the body inside for about 10 minutes, then went back out for a second light coat.

After I shot the primer, I put about 4 thin top coats of Rustoleum Hammered paint on, following the same go outside-bring it in for-a-few minutes method.

This shade is dark grey. I almost went with a silver, but I'm aiming for a vintage 1940s look.


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