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Center Console Removal on SAAB c900

Back to the SAABmarine.  I'm going to put sound deadener under the carpet and behind the door panels and put a new stereo in, but I can't find the time to do much work on it.  So it's moving in fits and starts.

I took the driver's seat out, and of course it needs the same repairs that the passenger seat needs.  The seat is in The Dungeon waiting to be worked on.

In the meantime, I took out the center console and the center bin in preparation for the sound deadening treatment.

I should say "loosening and freeing up" the console, since I'm not going to totally remove it from the car.  I don't think.

First remove the rear ashtray and take out the two screws in the back end (hee hee) of the console.

Remove the bellows from the front of the console.  It's just held in by friction.  Yours may be tight and you'll have to squeeze it from the sides.  This one was pretty loose and it easily came out.

Now you can lift the console up.  This is all the access I'll need - I'll probably run some wiring under it.

I say 'probably' because I'm not 100% sure just yet.  But I'm prepared.

Now let's take out the center storage bin/console that runs from the floor to the dash.   There are actually two pieces - the main plastic bin and a carpet-trimmed piece it rests on.

Take out the ashtray and you'll find four Torx screws holding the ashtray bracket in place.

Don't misplace the screws!  I'm putting these in the ashtray - seems like the logical place.  If you put them on the floor of the car, they may get lost.  I try to keep related fasteners with the parts they go to.

There's a 13mm bolt in the back of the bracket that needs to come out as well.

Pull the bracket out and detach the ashtray light from the back of the bracket.

I'm going to replace this bulb with an LED when I put it all back together - whenever that is!

There are 2 Torx screws holding the bottom of the bin to the floor which need to be removed.

If you have a convertible, you'll have a switch here for the top.  When you pull the bin assembly out, you'll need to unplug the connector from the back of the switch.

There are four screws holding the bin to the backing.  Remove the two lower screws - there is one on each side.

Almost there.

With the 2 screws at the bottom removed, and the two lower bin screws out, you'll have enough clearance to pull the top of the bin/console out from under the dash...

...and in doing so, you'll be able to access the two top screws.  These are normally hidden behind the lower dash pad.

You can then pull the whole bin assembly out.

A word of warning:  be careful with the two lower 'tabs' where the gold-colored Torx screws were holding the bottom on.  The tabs are thin plastic and will snap off easily if you're not careful.  One of the tabs on my other car is broken.

I got this one off with no problems.

Now you can see the carpet-covered trim piece - it will just slide out easily.

Here are both pieces out of the car.

Next, we'll remove the lower dash pad.


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