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Instrument Panel Removal on SAAB c900

With the fascia removed, it's quite easy to take the instrument panel out.

First we need to remove the left-hand side speaker assembly.  There are 2 screws holding it in.  Take them out and pry the grill up.

Disconnect the speaker wires, and also wiring to the alarm LED (if you have one).

There are two connectors to remove from the back of the panel.  These are the electrical connector on the speedometer, and the speedometer cable.  You can see these highlighted by the red arrows.

The cable is the white connector - squeeze the tabs and it will slide out.  If you car is turbocharged, there will also be a vacuum/boost line going to the panel - it will just pop off when you slide the panel out.

Then remove the 4 screws in each corner of the panel which hold it in place.  These are T10s I think.

Notice all my labels for the center pod switches and bulbs.

There are 2 ribbon connectors on either end of the panel.  Push push, wiggle wiggle, and they will slide off.

Now we can remove the entire instrument panel.

Again, that turbo vacuum line will just pop off when you take the panel out.

I'm going to put a boost gauge in, so I'm eventually going to put a T connector in that line and run one end to the factory gauge and the other end to my new gauge which I have yet to acquire.

The passenger seat is still in The Dungeon, although it's ready to go back in.

In the meantime, I have plenty of space to store all the pieces I've taken off the dash :-)

Here's what it looks like with the fascia and instruments removed.  Controlled chaos.

Now we'll retreat to The Dungeon with the instrument panel and fix the clock.


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