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Visit to the Station

I didn't want to do it, but I was forced to.

I think I've shown recently with the installation of a new handle on the old Gibson ukulele case that I like old instrument cases.

This one, however, is going to get tossed.  It's for a tenor banjo and, to be blunt, the lining stinks.  It smells like cat urine to be precise.

I tried some orange dog and kitty smell remover, but it did no good.  So I am reluctantly getting rid of it.

I also have some filthy old boards and a gallon of used motor oil from changing the oil in my lawnmower over the last few years.    So it's off to the dump...or as the Local Gummint calls it, the "Transfer Station."

I was on the lookout for some cool junk I might be able to salvage.  I slowed down and tried not to be too obvious as I went past the Computer and Electronics section.  Nothing looked to be worth taking.

I'm pretty sure the many people who were working there (on my tax dollars) on Sunday would have prevented me from taking anything away.  I think that's why it's called "transfer" - you transfer stuff to them.

Saw a couple of big piles of....junk.

These are the big bins where one dumps deposits transfers household waste-type-stuff.

Here's my chosen slot.

There's a big apron you sort of slide/toss your stuff over and then it goes into a big bin.


I pushed the smelly case over the edge.

It wound up down with some other trash.  The edge is set about six feet (couple meters) back, so you can't easily see down.

After about 15 seconds, you realize it smells bad too.


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  • Toy Making Dad said...
    July 16, 2014 at 8:57 AM
    Don't feel bad. In two week it will be shredded with everything else in that last photo and be back on your store shelves as a box of Triscuits. .

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