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1927 Gibson TU Ukulele Visits the Garden

After the cleanup and polish, I took the Gibson TU out to the garden for some beauty shots.

I really like that 1920s Gibson sunburst.  They were a bit dark, and the center is really a golden color.  Their sunbursts evolved over the years.

The whole ukulele from the front.

I had a hard time photographing it without getting glare from the finish.  This shot makes it look bad, when in reality it looks nice.  The crack on the top doesn't look that bad in person.

Those Virtuoso polish products are just fabulous.  The uku looked nice when I first got it, but now it's pretty amazing.

Compared to an all-mahogany Martin, this uku is much louder and brighter - mainly due to the spruce top.

Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.  Very nice.

Gibson used this "The Gibson" logo until the early 1930s.

There's a lot of finish cracking, but again, the picture makes it look worse than it appears in person.

One other note:  it's heavier than a Martin.  That big rosewood bridge adds a lot of mass and weight.


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