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Painting the Sunroom Exterior Wall - Finally!

This stupid wall took a lot of prep.  But now I'm putting the final coat of paint on it and it looks much better than it did.

I think in a previous post I mentioned I'm using Sherwin-Williams "Duration" exterior paint.  Duration used to be the top of the line S-W paint, but now they have some new paint that outranks it.

But this is really good stuff.  Considering the quality and how long it will last, $50 a gallon is quite reasonable.  It's twice as much as the cheap Despot paint, but much higher quality.

First thing is to use my trusty Hyde paint tool to open the can.

I like to make three drain holes/slots in the rim of the can.  That way the paint that gets in the rim can drain down into the can.

Just put your paint tool's pointed end on the rim and whap it with a hammer.

I tried to get an action shot of this, but failed.

Closeup of one of the drain holes.

These work pretty well.  I didn't invent this technique.

After you stir up the paint, you have to pour it into your tray.  This is another cheap-but-valuable tool - a snap-on paint spout.  Helps you not make a big mess.

I like Purdy brushes.  I've been reading about other brands - I may try Elder & Jenks next time (they were founded in 1793!)

Anyway, Purdy brushes are signed by the brushmaker.  I think this one was made by "Chomsay"?

Here's an exciting shot of me painting the top trim board.


The color I used is called "Roman Column."  It's got a little cream color to it.  Looks pretty classy I think.


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