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Jean-Eric Vergne's Remote Control

As is the case on many Saturdays during the Formula One season, this past Saturday I was watching qualifying for Sunday's race.  The race in this instance being the Spanish GP from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. 

During Q2, there was a shot of the Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne sitting in his car in the garage.  Not unusual.

Here's the shot in question.  You can see he's looking at those data screen they stick in front of the drivers in the garage during practice and qualifying.

What caught my eye is what's lying on the cowl in front of him.  It's a remote control! 

Is it because his qualifying session was so dismal that he's actually watching TV?  (He had a 10-grid spot penalty due to an incident in practice).

You can see he's listed last - with no time- on the standings graphic on the left.  As it turned out, he didn't go out on the track in Q2; he started last due to his penalty.

Maybe he's watching a video?

It just struck me as unusual - I figured the data they displayed was what the team wanted the driver to see, not what the driver wanted to see!


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